We can create dashboards for your office or workshop.

  • Change the history from 5 min to 5 years
  • Change sampling rate from 5 Sec to 1 day
  • Use our TSRS to monitor your workshop's environmental variables (Dust, Noise, CO2, tVOC, Temperature, Humidity)
  • Use our smart WiFi energy meters to monitor your machinery's status and power consumption (W, Wh, var, varh, PF, V, I, Hz)
  • Read the data back as CSV or snapshots
  • The whole system runs on a Raspberry Pi

MODEM cables

We supply modem cables and leads as required.

  • We can provide samples for initial development all the way through to production
  • Each cable is tested and moulded 
  • We use genuine Molex pins and block
  • Prices to suit metering industry


We designed four different purpose built antennas to suite 2G/3G/4G 4G LTE (Cat-M1 and NB-IoT).

  • Our antennas work on 4G with 2G/3G fallback support
  • They all come with SMA Male plug 
  • SWR of < 1.5 for all used frequencies (700MHz to 2700MHz)
  • Prices that suits metering industry
  • We have different antennas to suite different situation (Outdoor, Indoor, Basement, and even inside metering boxes)
  • We have the normal 3dBi to 6dBi to suit your needs


The WaterGate is an IoT module that can be used with a pulse water meter to send daily water usage reading.

  • The whole module draws only 9uA
  • Sends daily water usage through local WiFi and MQTT
  • It is only 40mm x 30mm
  • Measure pulses from legacy water meters
  • Measures temperature, Humidity, battery voltage, WiFi Signal level, 
  • Easily adoptable to LoRa, Cat-M1, NB-IoT, SigFox


 This Power Meter is the perfect companion for an engineering workshop where you need to measure each device's power consumption and On/Off status.

  • It has a Class 1 energy meter with on board LCD to monitor and adjust
  • It has a 100A Class 0.5 CT
  • Data can be read through: LCD, USB and WiFi
  • Plug-able CT and Mains
  • It can measure; Voltage, Current, Power (W), Power Factor (PF), Energy (+/-Wh), Reactive Energy (+/-varh), 
  • It has on board LED for Power, WiFi connectivity, and measurement Status
  • IEC62053-21


RoomStart is a great tool to help any workshop or office worker to be aware of their environment

  • It measures and displays; Date, Time, Temperature, Humidity, CO2, tVOC, Noise (dB),  Dust, and Vibration.
  • Data can be read through LCD, USB and WiFi
  • 3 large LEDs that can be used as Andon light for level indicators
  • Two 32 bit micro-controllers for a speedy and smoother operation
  • Free charts in Python, Node-Red, LabVIEW
  • Readable through any serialterminal


  • This little WiFi enabled camera can be used as an IoT camera for dashboards, workshop, office, storage monitoring and more,
  • The internal battery can last up to 4 hours of continuous recording while it can be powered up too,
  • It can be placed inside machinery to give a better view of your cut and 3D printing,
  • It has a powerful Flashlight that can be turned on/off separately,
  • The video can be viewed from any PC or smart phones,
  • It has a simple webserver setting,
  • It has 2 strong magnets to be placed on machinery or heavy equipment
  • It measures about 60 x 50 x 20mm
  • Each unit creates an unique IP, therefore you are notlimited to a number of units.
  • It works great with Node-Red and Node.JS integration too.

 Dummy Load

An AC dummy load of 0 to 200A with pure sinewave.

  • Perfect for testing smart or legacy energy meters at the laboratory or on site
  • It has aux supply if needing to power up the meters too
  • It only draws 200mA from the wall while delivering up to 200A (at no burden)
  • Great for metering site testing verification, and Current Transformer (CT)load testing


  • Programs and tests EDMI MODEMs (EWM100, EWM1000, EWM400)
  • Can program and test of up to 16 MODEMs at a time
  • Comes with a programming software
  • Uses an external power supply and a USB plug
  • MODEMs can be inserted from the top or plug in with RJ45/Micro-Fit cables


  • Variable Voltage (0 - 100% of input voltage)
  • Variable Current (0 - 200A)
  • Tests AUX supply (if a meter under test supports one)
  • Designed to test energy meters with variable supply voltage and load current
  • Draws less than 200mA while providing 200A pure sinewave load
  • It has plenty safety features (Emergency Stop, Input Fuse, Input On/Off switch, Output On/Off switch [V, I & AUX], Isolated output, and pins are not liven until a meter is inserted)


  • Variable Voltage output of 0 to 275V
  • Variable Current of 0 to 110A ac
  • Variable Phase angle of 0 to 360 degree (PF)
  • Variable frequency of 10Hz to 200Hz
  • USB programmable
  • 4U unit and runs on a single phase mains voltage
  • Isolated Voltage/Current output

Optical Read Head

  • Works with any smart energy meters
  • Works with both ANSI and IEC meters
  • Designed in accordance with IEC1107 standard
  • Supports multiple baud rates
  • Supports EziView & EziSetup

 Snoop Board

  • Sniff on a RS232 line for both Rx and Tx
  • Sniff between an EDMI meter and EDMI modem
  • Communicate/program an EDMI modem (using our TSMP software)
  • Use a RS232 or USB to RS232 converter (we can supply those too)

Desktop Injection Moulding


 Programmable Power Supply with 30W capability.

  • It uses an external fixed power supply and delivers a programmable capability
  • It can be programmable or using the touch screen to adjust parameters


This little board is the brain of the TSPAL system. It is a clever signal generator like no others, it provides:

  • Programmable frequency
  • Programmable phase angle
  • Programmable amplitude

Together they can sync their frequency and phase shift.